Model CBY.BX2.0 / CBY.BX2.5
CBY.DX2.0 / CBY.DX2.5

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BX & DX SERIES - Stainless steel and Galvanized Pallet Truck are designed environments where hygene is paramount or where the pallet truck will come into contact with corrosive substances as salt water, acids and various chemicals.


BX SERIES - Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

4 Features in BX SERIES :

  1. Full stainless steel mainframe
  2. Full stainless steel hydraulicn pump and handle
  3. Full stainless push rods, axies, pins, bolts and bearings
  4. Fully sealed hydraulic pump (i.e No atmospheric contaminates in hydraulics).

High Quality Pump

The one piece cast pump design resists the efforts of cold, condensation, and washing. And they are fitted with additional grease nipples for easy maintenance and with sealed stainless steel bearings.

Nylon steering wheel and fork rollers as standard option for damp or harsh environment applications.


DX SERIES - Galvanized Pallet Truck

All the exposed parts of the whole truck galvanized including hydraulic pump, fork frame, handle an so on. The one-piece pump design simplifies repairs, assuring reliable service and long life. 

Hot dip galvanized pallet trucks and stainless steel pallet truck are ideal for meat, seafood, wines, dairy, pharmateutical manufacturing industries

Galvanized pallet trucks help to provide protection against corrosion if left outdoors or when working in wet environments and the best choice to work in very low temperature conditions.


Type Details :

Model CBY.BX 2.0 / CBY.BX 2.5
CBY.DX 2.0 / CBY.DX 2.5
Capacity (kg) 2000 / 5000
Min. fork height (mm) 85
Max. fork height (mm) 195
Total width (mm) 550 / 685
Fork length (mm) 1150 /1220
Self weight (kg) 65-80


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